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Masters Tournament Tickets: How to Hit the Jackpot

Published 2 months ago

Masters Tournament Tickets: How to Hit the Jackpot
Masters Tournament Tickets: How to Hit the Jackpot

The Masters Tournament is the most coveted invitation in the golfing world by PGA Tour professionals and hopeful patrons alike. The “lottery” for getting Masters Tournament tickets is an annual tradition of sorts, where fans enter for a chance to attend. It’s a rite of passage with many people waiting years, or even decades, before making it to the big green stage. Learn the ins and outs of standing on the 18th at Augusta National Golf Club next April as the newest champion is crowned.

Can You Purchase Masters Tournament Tickets?

Getting Masters Tournament tickets is the modern-day equivalent of getting one of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory golden tickets. No, there’s not a chocolate river flowing through Amen Corner, lickable wallpaper in the storied Crow’s Nest, or WonkaVision on every tee box. (Although the Konika Minolta Swing Vision Camera is decidedly more technologically advanced.) But the sentiment remains the same. Entry to the Masters, like Wonka’s Factory, is limited, rare, and left up to chance. Few, if any, golf fans would disagree that there’s an indescribable rush of adrenaline that comes from being one of the lucky chosen ones.

And without a golden ticket? Access denied.

Unlike the other three major championships – the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship, you cannot simply decide to buy tickets and attend the Masters — you must fill out an application to request to buy tickets. And while Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC) insists their pre-qualification process is not a sweepstake or lottery, those who have received the coveted “Congratulations, your application has been accepted” notification in their inbox would beg to differ. 

Acceptance only grants you the right to make a future purchase, but it’s a small price to pay to cross off a bucket list item. What’s the best part? Your percentages of having your number drawn may be slim, but the actual process to enter that drawing is painless — dare we say, quick and easy. 

Less work than signing up for a store credit card, applying for college, or writing a cover letter, the Masters lottery application requires only a few basic contact details to throw your name in the hat. The trick is to have it drawn for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How Do I Apply for Masters Tournament Tickets and What Are the Restrictions?

Masters Tournament Tickets: Person mailing a letter at mailbox
Masters Tournament Tickets: Person mailing a letter at mailbox
Each spring, as the azaleas bloom, we in the golf community are reminded that after this year’s Masters is complete, the time has arrived to complete applications for both tournament days and practice round tickets for next year’s edition. 

Usually, applications are due the June prior to the championship for which those entries are applicable. Interested fans should go to the official Masters website where you’ll be asked to create an account (if this is your first crack at it) and fill out the badge application with some standard personal and contact information.

There are a few conditions to be mindful of before applying:
  • First, you must be 21 years of age to apply and there is a limit of one application per household, not per person. 
  • Second, the address used must be a permanent residential address. It cannot be a business, university, or secondary property. 
  • Finally, by hitting submit, all applicants agree they will not sell, gift, or give their tickets away to friends, relatives, or strangers. 

However, if you’ve searched resale sites even once for Masters tickets, you already know that the last condition is easily the condition that gets broken and ignored most often by potential patrons. To the dismay of ANGC officials, badges can be found for purchase across the internet at a significant premium. Even if you are, on your Scout’s honor, only trying for tickets for personal use, the barrier to entry for friends or family who do not identify as golfers to enter on your behalf is far too low to resist. 

Countless country clubs, golf leagues, and large families alike have become accustomed to the culture of being asked to enter the Masters lottery for that one golf addict in the group to increase the odds of success. And since no gifting is allowed, what better way is there to surprise Dad for Father’s Day than with badges for him and his newly favorite son or daughter to enjoy the trip of a lifetime together? Having otherwise uninterested friends enter themselves so your odds increase should hardly be considered against the law!

On the application, you can make selections for which tournament days or practice rounds you’re most interested in purchasing tickets for. However, selecting as many days as would be feasible for you is the best bet. Unfortunately, there is a one-day limit so when a specific day reaches full capacity, your only chance of remaining in the lottery pool is to have selected a second- and third-round option and so on. 

In other words, easy Tiger Woods — it’s not possible to stock up or snag tickets to both the Par 3 Contest and to Sunday’s final round (without the previously mentioned and frowned-upon collective bargaining agreement).

For more details on how to apply for getting tickets, you can head to Augusta National Golf Course’s Frequently Asked Questions page on the Masters official website or contact the Masters Tournament Ticket Office line at (706) 667-6700.

A Priceless Experience at a Price You’ll Gladly Pay

Masters Tournament Tickets: Close-up of golfer on the green
Masters Tournament Tickets: Close-up of golfer on the green
While the odds remain slim of winning the lottery to buy Masters Tournament tickets, you might be thinking, “That’s it? That just seems too easy. We are talking about Masters tickets here, right?!” But wait, there’s more. No, this isn’t an infomercial announcing Masters tickets this year will be BOGO, but it’s close. 

The face value of Masters tickets, much like Augusta National’s domestic beer and pimento cheese sandwich prices, have hardly risen since Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Bobby Jones themselves strolled the fairways off Magnolia Lane. If chosen directly from the application process, rather than buying from a third-party ticket selling site — such as a SeatGeek or Ticketmaster — you can expect to pay $75 for a practice round ticket and $115 for a tournament round ticket. As you might expect, on those resale websites, those same tickets sell for well north of a thousand dollars each. 

As you probably already know, Masters Sunday, like the Super Bowl, is a highly anticipated sporting event all on its own. Just imagine — you could escape to Augusta National, Georgia’s most pristine golf mecca, see a playoff for the coveted green jacket after a hearty lunch and several adult beverages for a mere fraction of the cost of its football counterpart. It’s almost too good to be true!

Is Your Turn Coming for Masters Tournament Tickets?

While it’s perfectly fun to have your themed parties, place your player prop bets, and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Jim Nantz’s voice now. But next April, you just might be packing your polos, sunscreen, and visors to catch the action in person. While obtaining Masters Tournament tickets is typically a game of chance that’s about as rare as finding one of Willy Wonka’s elusive golden tickets, the bottom line is that you don’t have to wait, hope, and pray for luck to go your way. The team at Perrenial Events has over 30 years of experience to help make your Masters’ dreams come true. Contact us today to learn more and get ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.
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