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An Insider’s Guide to the 2023 Masters Tournament

Published 2 months ago

An Insider’s Guide to the 2023 Masters Tournament
An Insider’s Guide to the 2023 Masters Tournament
The 87th edition of the Masters golf tournament will be played April 6-9, 2023. Whether this is your first time attending or an annual tradition with your country club, get a jump start on plans to ensure a smooth and memorable week as golf’s finest chase the coveted green jacket.

If you’re here, you either already deserve congratulations for winning every golfer’s version of the Mega Millions jackpot, or you’re searching for some luck to score the experience of a lifetime in the big green arena down in Augusta, Georgia. Either way, we have plenty of tips and tricks to make your upcoming trip to the Masters 2023 a raging (and inexpensive) success. Time to cross this one off the bucket list!

First Things First: Getting Masters 2023 Tournament Tickets

As we alluded to earlier, tickets for the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club are awarded via a lottery system. (We go into much greater detail about the system, how it works, and its limitations in our guide to Masters Tournament tickets.) But beyond the packages you can lock in with Perennial Events, there are no guaranteed methods of ticket purchasing. 

Whether you’re dead set on seeing someone dawn the green jacket after the final round on Sunday or up for a more casual practice round on another day, your odds do not change. That said, on the application you’ll have the option to select preferences on the days for which you are available to attend. Selecting as many as possible is your best bet. 

With a one-day limit per customer, if your top choice fills to capacity before your number is called, you are out of luck without backup preferences selected. Don’t let lack of availability be the reason you miss out on Masters badges!

Seems pretty simple, right? It’s more than simple; if chosen, it’s even relatively inexpensive. When selected directly from the application process — rather than a third-party resale transaction — you can expect to pay $75 for each practice round ticket and $115 for each tournament round ticket. When you compare that to the equivalent in other sports, it’s not even a tight race. The Masters experience, purely from an entry standpoint, will not burn a hole in your wallet.

You’re In, Now What?

Raise a glass once you get into the 2023 Masters Tournament
Raise a glass once you get into the 2023 Masters Tournament
Unlike a U.S. Open or PGA Championship, where tickets are a near guarantee if you’re willing to pay, winning the right to purchase tickets to the first major of 2023 is arguably the highest hurdle you’ll have to overcome. But it’s not the only one. To make the week a hole-in-one for you and your guests, there are multiple things to consider: transportation, lodging, restaurants, and (gasp!) entertainment options outside roaming the fairways of Augusta National.

If you require air travel, Augusta has a commercial regional airport (AGS) as well as an executive and private jet airport for those VIP guests you’re bound to see scattered across the golf course. AGS, while small, is serviced by both Delta and American Airlines. An hour further away, Columbia, SC (CAE) has a slightly wider selection of airlines and flying times so you don’t miss any of the action on the first tee.

Once you’ve touched down on the ground and checked into your home away from home for the week (we’ll get into that next), it’s time to soak it all in. Your Masters tickets gain you access to golf’s most prized playground, yes. But they also afford you the chance to feast on the simplest but downright renowned fare in all of professional golf. 

Along with the magnolias, azaleas, green fairways, and green jackets, the pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches are among the most iconic elements of Augusta National and the Masters. Concessions inside the gate won’t break the bank as you might expect at such a high-profile event, which only adds to the incredible atmosphere for golf fans.

Outside the gates, though, Augusta is a place where down-home cooking and Southern hospitality meet a farm-to-table emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. While its population of under 200,000 might lead you to believe your options are limited to national chains, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of local favorites you can find in the greater Augusta area. From pizza to oysters, wings to bahn mi, the surprising selections you’ll find in this corner of the country are fit for a Masters champion.

We know the primary purpose of your visit is to chase the likes of Rory McIlroy and 2022 champion Scottie Scheffler around the golf course and leaderboard. But on the off chance you want some green relief, Augusta wants you to know that there’s more to it than rounds of golf and Magnolia Lane. Augusta has plenty of unrelated activities for you and the whole family. Try your hand at an escape room, snack at one of the unique bistros, or attend a festival while you’re in town.

Booking Your 2023 Masters Housing

2023 Masters Housing
2023 Masters Housing
No sooner than the second you have tickets confirmed should you begin thinking about where you’ll lay your head while in town for the Masters. A comfortably small town 51 weeks out of the year, the radius surrounding Augusta National is not as well-equipped to handle the influx of tens of thousands of visitors it gets. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult to lock down a place for you and your travel party, but it does mean the sooner you start, the better your options (and pricing) will be.

Of course, all the major hotel players have locations in the area, but there are other options if you prefer a homier atmosphere and are on top of your booking game early. Short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO typically set their calendars 12 months (or more) in advance. In other words, the Masters and other high-profile PGA Tour stops are open for booking in their respective areas. 

Typically, during the Masters Tournament, inventory is limited, and single-family homes for a group can cost over $1,200 per night. Hotels can be a little more affordable, but many are booked months in advance. Perennial Events offers affordable options for the entire week, so take a look at the selection of homes we’ve partnered with to suit your needs.

The Total Package for Masters 2023

Here at Perennial Events, we offer tickets, we offer housing — but our complete packages take out all the hassle if you just want to relax and enjoy the show. With over 30 years of experience creating unique and memorable weeks for our clients, we can combine all of the above tips and tricks into one neatly packaged combination that is perfect for you, your family, friends, co-workers, or golf group to enjoy everything that Georgia, Augusta National Golf Club, and the Masters have to offer.

With three Masters packages to match every patron’s expectation, let Perennial Events handle everything from tickets and housing to transportation and meals catered by a private chef. You’re already planning a trip to the most exclusive event in golf, why not experience it at an exclusive level?

Masters 2023: What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re one of the lucky ones to gain entry into the famed gates of Augusta National Golf Club, whether by the general lottery application or through purchasing a Perennial Events package, you will not be disappointed. Getting a front-row seat to golf’s most historic site and event comes built-in with memories you and your friends and family will remember for a lifetime. The golf, the food, the overall experience. What, exactly, are you waiting for? To lock in your Masters 2023 memories and not wait for your application to be accepted by the powers that be, let Perennial Events step in and ease your mind. From tickets to housing and beyond, let us know what you’d like and we’ll help make you the talk of the town (or at least the country club) for 2023 and beyond.

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