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Why You Need to Get Masters Practice Round Tickets

Published 29 days ago

Masters practice round tickets: golfer who just hit his ball
Masters practice round tickets: golfer who just hit his ball

Tickets to the Masters at Augusta National in Atlanta are widely recognized as the hottest tickets in the world of golf. A chance to see the legends of the game up close as they test their golfing skills around Amen Corner is something golf fans dream about.
The Masters Tournament is one of the big four golf majors, alongside the U.S. Open, PGA Championship, and British Open. Professional golfers from all around the world either qualify or are invited by the golf club to try to win the coveted green jacket and Masters trophy, along with the $2 million purse.
Over the years, top golfers from the PGA Tour have played in the Masters Tournament, with Tiger Woods being the most high-profile golfer who is still competing. Scottie Scheffler was the 2022 Masters champion for the first time, winning by three shots with a score of -10.
While the main Masters Tournament is the big draw for golf fans, the Masters practice round is unlike any other golf tournament. It can prove even more popular to watch than the final round — some of the best days can come in the practice round days, especially with the fun of the Par 3 Contest. The Masters week starts with the Monday practice round up until the final practice day on Wednesday. All days can pull in huge crowds up until the tournament rounds end on Sunday afternoon.
Why are Masters practice round tickets so in demand with golf fans? We’ll delve into this. But first, let’s explore how to get tickets to the Masters Tournament so you can watch the competition in person.

How Do You Get Tickets to the Masters?

Masters practice round tickets: golf spectators standing on a field
Masters practice round tickets: golf spectators standing on a field

If you’re trying to get tickets to the Masters Tournament, you could be in for a difficult time. They’re some of the most sought-after tickets in sports, and Augusta National doesn’t make things so seamless for golf fans.
To qualify for tickets to the Masters, you’ll first need to register on the official Augusta National website. This registration typically needs to be done by mid-June of the previous year in order to watch the Masters in April. You are then entered into a lottery-style drawing to see if you have a chance of buying tickets. 
If you are successful in getting through this very difficult process, then you can purchase Masters Tournament tickets and Masters practice round tickets. Daily ticket prices in 2022 were $115 per ticket for the tournament and $75 per ticket for the practice round. 
However, there are still restrictions placed on those who get the chance to buy tickets. They can only buy two tickets per day for the main Masters Tournament, Thursday to Sunday, and four tickets per day for the practice round days, Monday to Wednesday.

Why Would You Want to Watch the Masters Practice Round?

Masters practice round tickets: close-up shot of a golf club and ball
Masters practice round tickets: close-up shot of a golf club and ball

Not to take anything away from the main event — the Masters Tournament at Augusta National is amazing. The list of winners reads like a who’s who of golfing legends. However, if you want to get up close and personal with the PGA Tour superstars, there is no better place than at the Masters practice round.
Augusta National Golf Club is well-known for the strict rules placed on patrons, and if you break these rules you’ll quickly find yourself ejected from the tournament. For example, you’re not allowed to bring a cell phone inside the course and selfie sticks are a big no-no. You also can’t bring strollers or your own chairs. Coolers and outside food are banned from the course during Masters week — you will have to make do with the famous egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches they serve instead.
However, one rule that is relaxed during the Masters practice week is that patrons are allowed to ask golfers for autographs. This is strictly prohibited once the tournament begins.
The Masters practice week is a far more relaxed atmosphere but still retains the aura and magic of the Masters. During this week, from the first Monday practice round, you will see golfers wandering the Augusta National fairways putting the finishing touches on their Masters preparation. You can follow golfers such as Justin Thomas and Fred Couples around Amen Corner and listen in on their conversations with their caddies. 
For golf fans, this insider’s view is priceless. Getting a better understanding of how these PGA Tour pros plan to navigate the Masters Tournament is truly special.

Why Is the Par 3 Contest So Famous?

Golf clubs with a tiger cover
Golf clubs with a tiger cover

Another reason why the Masters practice week can be more popular than the Masters Tournament is due to the famous Par 3 Contest. Televised only on ESPN in recent years, it has been played since 1960. It’s a special tradition where current and past Masters champions are invited to play a round on the Wednesday before the tournament begins. Interestingly enough, no winner of the Par 3 has ever gone on to win the Masters Tournament that same year. 
Many golfers look forward to this event just as much as they do their official tee time on Thursday, as it gives them the chance to experience the course in a more laid-back environment. Friends and family members are even able to hit shots and caddie for them during the 9-hole contest
There have been many highlights over the years that golf fans will remember forever. Memorable moments include Justin Thomas and Ricky Fowler both getting a hole in one on the same hole in their group. Tiger Woods letting his children caddie. And then there was Jack Nicklaus who allowed his grandson to hit a shot on his behalf and subsequently holed out, which sent the patrons wild with joy.
There is even the chance of celebrity spotting. Rory McIlroy once had his girlfriend at the time, world tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki, caddie for him during the Par 3 Contest.

How Can You Guarantee Getting Masters Practice Round Tickets?

Golfer and caddie walking on a golf course
Golfer and caddie walking on a golf course

The odds of being successful in the lottery for the Masters are exceptionally low. The only way to guarantee Masters Tournament or Masters practice round tickets is to look to the secondary market. 
However, there’s always a risk with buying tickets in this way. So how do you ensure that you’re using a trusted provider?
For the utmost confidence in buying your tickets, look no further than Perennial Events. With more than 30 years of experience in creating special events at the Masters, we have an established network of providers who can ensure that your Masters week experience is seamless and allows you to have the trip of a lifetime.
Perennial Events will not only source (and guarantee) your tickets for the Masters, but we can arrange all of your travel, accommodations, and itinerary during your trip. (Think luxury housing situated close to all of the action within Augusta.)
There’s no reason you need to try your luck with the unpredictable ticket lottery or untested providers. Contact Perennial Events and let us make your Masters dreams come true.
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