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Masters Rentals: Housing Options for Augusta Week

Published 18 days ago

Masters Rentals: How to find housing for the Masters Tournament
Masters Rentals: How to find housing for the Masters Tournament

For an avid golf fan, there are few things more exciting than receiving a coveted acceptance letter from the Masters Tournament and learning that your application for grounds tickets has been approved. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of looking forward to Masters week and all it has in store for you.

But there are a few very important details you and your party should iron out before arriving — the biggest detail of them all being housing. As pristine as the conditions are around the golf course, it’d be a real shame if you didn’t find a place equally as comfortable to lay your head between rounds. 

To help you out, we’ve created this guide to finding Masters rentals during the tournament. You’ll find useful tips, timelines, and cost considerations so you can secure accommodations before it’s too late.

Augusta’s Last Remaining Neighbor

Masters rentals: Gorgeous home deck with a view
Masters rentals: Gorgeous home deck with a view

While Masters housing options don’t abound endlessly, there are certainly plenty of options if you jump on it in a timely manner after securing your Masters tickets

Because patron application decisions are made each July, it’s best to have your housing decided upon by the end of August, if possible. That way, you’ll beat the rush and ensure the widest selection to accommodate your needs. Put down a deposit while everyone else wraps up family summer vacations so you can focus on the finer details of your trip to Augusta. 

There is one place, though, that you’re unlikely to come across on third-party housing websites like Airbnb or VRBO. (Hear us out, it’s a fun story.) 

Elizabeth and Herman Thacker have refused to sell or offer up their home since 1959. As you might assume, much of the land plots surrounding Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC) have since been purchased and repurposed (to put it nicely) into grass parking lots as far as the eye can see to be used during the big week. Except for one. 

What used to be a quaint golf community neighborhood now stands as a testament to time. Refusing annual offers from ANGC in the six digits, the Thackers are content on remaining in their family home that acts as an unofficial welcome entrance to the club.

However, while the Thackers have no affiliation with the golf tournament, patrons often mistake the homeowners for Augusta officials with some sort of high-level security clearance. In reality, the property simply belongs to a family who has refused to cave into the pressures of big business. 

Even during the Masters Tournament, you won’t find the Thacker residence on any rental company’s website. They welcome the masses in exchange for 51 weeks of serene surroundings with golf’s greenest pasture as their backyard.

The A La Carte Experience

Enjoy a feast at the Masters Tournament
Enjoy a feast at the Masters Tournament

When thinking about your magical trip, presumably as part of a family, group of friends, or corporate group, someone is inevitably in charge as the “events coordinator.” We’ll get into the quick and easy way (albeit more expensive) to ensure the ship runs smoothly later. But first, let’s look at what goes into the nitty-gritty if you were to coordinate your travels via the “a la carte” method.

Like any vacation or getaway, there’s transportation. If your party plans on flying in before the Masters practice rounds get underway, you also have to consider a rental vehicle for the week. Or, if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds in the parking lots, you could opt for a transportation service similar to Action Limousines. Just keep in mind that during a large event week like the Masters, prices are going to run higher than off-season.

Then, there’s managing everyone’s expectations for the food. Specific dietary restrictions or strict meal plans, grocery bill-splitting, cooking duties, and fighting crowds across Augusta’s top culinary joints must all be met with patience and grace when traveling in a pack.

On the off chance you’ve budgeted for free time, there’s also outside entertainment to consider. While a tee time at another course in the area might not be your jam (you’ll likely get your steps in following the pros during the day), there are plenty of “recovery” activities. 

Enjoy dinner and a show? Hit up Le Chat Noir for a meal and improv show. Or you could simply take in the views without fighting the crowds at Augusta’s own Riverwalk featuring an outdoor amphitheater, overlook, and several weekend festivals and street fairs.

But arguably the place where you’ll feel the most pressure as an event coordinator is in finding the perfect home, townhouse, hotel, or dwelling for the week. If it’s just a place to sleep for a few hours each night, there are over 10 hotels in the immediate Augusta, Georgia area. Unsurprisingly, those hotels, which typically cost $75-125 per night, easily jump to the $375-500 range in April of each year.

More likely, though, you’ll be in the market as a renter, which presents its own set of challenges. Depending upon your group size and needs, you must consider several factors to ensure a memorable experience. 

What type of floor plan and number of bedrooms do you need? Are linens and kitchen utensils included for in-home cooking? Are there any parameters for hosting events at the vacation rental? Do you need a space to accommodate a disability? You might also want to consider other amenities — for instance, is there good Wi-Fi or a hot tub?

Houses will vary in price but they’ll likely run you a higher tab than a traditional hotel. That said, Masters rentals will probably enhance your experience with the added space and camaraderie. While homes loosely run $100-300 per night depending on size, don’t be surprised to see price tags north of $1,000 per night in April. 

It would be impossible to include all of your individual options here, as housing — particularly those intended as Masters rentals — are ever-changing in terms of pricing, availability, and amenities.

The keys to success are 1) research early and often 2) gauge the needs and anticipate the FAQs of those in your travel party and 3) act fast! Just like hotels, housing option rental rates in the area run between three to five times more expensive than a week that doesn’t have the PGA Tour in town. That’s OK, though, no need to panic. With foresight, planning, and patience, the higher price tag split among several friends will be well worth the views down Magnolia Lane.

Masters Rentals Done Right

We’ve talked through the piecemeal fashion in which the vast majority of spectators go about planning their Masters experience. But what if you’re willing to splurge? What if you’re someone who wants to take the “all-inclusive resort” approach? What if convenience is at the top of your list when checking things off? 

Perennial Events
can help take the hassle out of each individual decision mentioned above. Working with our team, you’ll enjoy a personalized package curated for you and your guests. We can include housing only or tickets only, go all-in with transportation and hospitality services, curated recommendations for food and fun — the whole kit and caboodle. You’ve already decided to attend golf’s premier event, so why not make it a premier experience to boot?

It’s Time to Lock In Your Masters Rentals

A trip to the Masters and Augusta National is not a regular occurrence for most people. Planning such an experience can be incredibly challenging and stressful, especially when you’re trying to meet everyone’s needs and preferences. 

When sorting through the many options for Masters rentals, there’s one clear solution that provides the path of least resistance: Perennial Events. With more than 30 years of experience, our dedicated team of experts can create a trip that ensures memories to last a lifetime. You can lean on us for advice and solutions in real-time, so put your mind at ease and contact us today for a free custom quote.
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