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The Masters Ticket Lottery: What Are the Odds?

Published 2 months ago

The Masters Ticket Lottery: What Are the Odds?
The Masters Ticket Lottery: What Are the Odds?

The Masters Tournament is the most coveted invitation in the golfing world among PGA Tour professionals and golf aficionados alike. But when it comes to getting tickets to this world-class event, well, that’s a story in itself. Fans enter a “lottery” for the mere chance to purchase badges — and the Masters lottery odds aren’t necessarily in your favor. 

Learn the ins and outs of the Masters ticket lottery, the application process, and the realistic odds of standing on the 18th green at Augusta National Golf Club to watch the newest champion don the green jacket.

Can’t I Just Buy Masters Tournament Tickets?

Unless you’re a devout follower of the PGA Tour, you may not know that walking down Magnolia Lane as a patron is a chance few can be assured of — in fact, getting Masters tickets is completely left to chance for the large majority of us. It’s like being in line at the deli; you have to wait for your (theoretical) number to be called and, until then? You have to take the path of more resistance.

When you pair the seemingly infinite demand with the incredibly limited supply, it becomes clear why the Masters ticket lottery is so unforgiving. To the dismay of most golf aficionados, lifetime tournament pass holders (known officially as “Series Badge Patrons”) do exist. Similar to daily Masters badges, they are surprisingly affordable at the low ticket price of $375. The problem lies in that these badges can only be passed on to a living spouse, and the Series Badge Patrons waiting list has been closed since 1978.

For the rest of us, unlike the other three major championships throughout the summer — if you want to purchase tickets via the official Masters website — you must fill out an application to request to buy tickets. While Augusta National Golf Club (ANGC) insists the application process is not a lottery in the traditional sense, if you’ve received that “Congratulations, your application has been accepted” notification in your inbox, it sure feels like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Hitting that jackpot doesn’t grant you anything for free like it would with a scratch-off ticket or sweepstake. Having your name drawn in the Masters ticket lottery only grants you the right to make a future purchase (albeit at a much lower price compared to what you’ll see on third-party sites).

Sure, the chances of having your number drawn may be slim (we’ll drop that bomb on you a bit later), but the actual process to enter that drawing is simple. As Tom Petty famously sang, the waiting is the hardest part.

How Do I Apply Via Masters Ticket Lottery, Then?

Golfer placing golf ball on a tee
Golfer placing golf ball on a tee
The selection process for your shot to see the green jacket up close is straightforward. Ballots for the Masters open approximately six weeks after the completion of the previously contested Masters. With an annual application window of June 1-21, hopefuls can expect to hear an answer back from Augusta National ticketing officers by the following month in July. 

Your application begins by going to the official Masters website. There, you will be required to create an account if this is your first attempt at the ticket lottery.

There are very few restrictions that could disqualify you from entering the Masters ticket lottery. Like the game of golf, abiding by these restrictions is based on the honor system but include:

  • 21 years of age to apply with a limit of one application per household address (not per person)
  • The address used on the application must be a permanent, residential address — it cannot be a business, university, or second property 
  • All applicants agree they will not gift or sell their tickets to family, friends, or even strangers

Reading that you are not allowed to gift or sell tickets might be a bit confusing. After all, have you ever searched for Masters tickets online? Have you ever seen a social media post of someone gifting Masters tickets to a loved one? Surely you have, because both exist! 

Even if you’re only trying to snag tickets for personal use, having friends or family put in a ballot on behalf of someone desperate to attend has become commonplace. Country club memberships, golf leagues, and large extended families alike have grown used to the annual request, “Would you mind putting an application in for me for Masters daily tickets from your address?” 

Thus far, anyway, it seems ANGC turns a blind eye to the resellers and gifters, with the exception of those on the patron list for Series Badges. Those privileges have been known to be retracted if sold, even as a souvenir, online.

A common question among “winners” always arises. If your name is drawn, can you purchase tickets for as many days of the tournament as you’d like? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. 

On the application, you’re asked to select which tournament days or practice rounds you’re available to attend. It would make logical sense that selecting as many days as possible is the only way to raise your Masters lottery odds. Unfortunately, if selected, there is a one-day limit. 

This is where selecting multiple days comes in handy. If you’d only selected “Wednesday Practice Round” but have your application accepted after that Wednesday has filled to capacity, you will be passed over for another applicant who selected a second or third option for which there are still ticketing vacancies. 

For more details on application requirements, we suggest referencing the Augusta National Golf Course’s Frequently Asked Questions page on the Masters official website or contacting the Masters Tournament Ticket Office line at (706) 667-6700.

Get Real, What Are My Masters Lottery Odds?

Masters tickets lottery: Betting odds
Masters tickets lottery: Betting odds
Frustratingly, neither the PGA Tour, the Masters, nor Augusta National release attendance figures, the number of Series Badge Patrons holders currently in play, or the true odds of becoming a lottery winner. However, several statistically sophisticated models and agencies have done the legwork to give you a realistic picture of your odds of scoring a “win.”

We won’t bore you with the step-by-step, but if you want to see the thought process behind this estimate, breaks down golf odds. Otherwise, just know that they believe the odds of winning the Masters lottery for a single-day tournament ticket to be 0.55%. While this is a very educated guess, you get the idea. It’s not easy!

Outside of the Masters Ticket Lottery, What Are My Options?

We realize we’ve already stated one of the conditions you agree to on the lottery application is “no gifting or reselling.” But, as you’re likely well aware, it happens. Frequently. Meaning there are guaranteed ways to score tickets to Augusta in April if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny. 

To give you a point of reference, lottery ticket prices have not changed in years. They have remained consistent at $75 per practice round ticket and $115 per daily tournament ticket. Truly, having your application selected is much more difficult than getting over any sticker shock of the Augusta-priced tickets.

Prices elsewhere, as you might expect, sell for up to thousands of dollars a pop, depending on the days and the access level of the badges. Golfers have a few options on the secondary market for a guaranteed viewing of a tournament round played at next year’s Masters. Vendors such as StubHub and Ticketmaster are annually inundated with tickets after the lottery winners are announced in July. While it’s virtually impossible to beat the official face value of badges, prices on these resale sites can vary widely.

It’s worth mentioning that Perennial Events not only sells Masters tickets, but it’s also a one-stop-shop for VIP packages that bundle tickets and housing with other necessities like transportation. These packages are your best bet to enjoy Masters week to the fullest with the fewest worries — think of Perennial Events as the ultimate caddie that keeps you close to all the action.

Golf Fans, It’s Time to Hit the Jackpot

Whether you apply, take your chances, or go the guaranteed route, you will not be disappointed when you walk through Georgia’s golden gates. Everything about Augusta National and the renowned Masters golf tournament makes each and every patron feel like they’ve hit the jackpot, no matter what you paid to get there. 

If you go for the full gusto of a bundled package, the team at Perennial Events has over 30 years of experience to help make your Masters trip one you won’t soon forget. Contact us today to learn more.

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